Super Smartphone Virus Outbursts in China


A super smartphone virus designed for Android operation system had caused telephone expense loses to many users in China on Saturday, Xinhua reports.

The virus was an app called “XXshenqi”, which was sent to mobile phone users through a link in short message.

If a user clicks the link in the message, the smartphone will start downloading and installing the app.

Then the app will send the same message to the contact numbers in the phone book, asking them to click the link. This will cause a certain amount of telephone expense losses.

Many users would choose to click the link because the message mentioned their names and was sent from their families or friends.

Until yesterday evening, police from many provinces and municipals warned off the virsus in their official Weibo, suggesting users not click the link in such short messages.

Network engineer surnamed Bai said this virus can be completely eliminated by most mainstream antivirus software after uninstalling the app.

A lawyer surnamed Ma said it was difficult for users to claim their money back since it was difficult to find the criminal.

Ma also suggested citizens who suffered from telephone expense losses should call the police for help.

“Even the losses for each user were small, the police will still launch an investigation if they receive a lot of such reports.” Ma added.





 Virus sub-package program analysis




If you have already filled out the registration information, then unfortunately, the program will send the information in the background to the virus author specified phone number.





1. After a successful start to hide their icons.




2. registered and receive broadcast messages broadcast boot, start the background service.




3. According to SMS commands, perform malicious acts. Including the transmission of e-mail, send text messages, fake text messages, send the contact and other malicious download link



4. Specify the mailbox information virus writers



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