A simple Shellshock Vulnerability Scanner


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ShellScan – A simple Shellshock Vulnerability Scanner in python allows cyber security researchers to explore and discover new application and systems that vulnerable to the ShellShock exploit. ShellScan supports different BASH vulnerabilities: CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-6278 to be tested by cyber security researchers in order to explore and discover new applications and systems that vulnerable to Shellshock exploit.

ShellScan developed for research purposes only, It is strongly recommended that you do not use this tool for illegal purposes.



How to Use

  1. Define a list of host to scan in /config/host.txt
  2. Define a list of CGIs in /config/cgi.txt
  3. Run


$ ./ config/host.txt config/cgi.txt


About ShellScan

ShellScan will scan a list of hosts with a list of CGIs while trying to exploit the ShellShock vulnerability with different methods and payloads (CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-6278)

ShellScan tool will perform few different ShellShock vulnerability tests:

Test 1: uses the command sleep in different headers and check differences.

Test 2: uses the command ping -cX and check differences between delays.

Test 3: try to print a string and get it (causes a lot of False Positives)



The ShellScan tool is receives a host list and a cgi list (see an example files at “config” directory) and the number of threads.

Note: While using threads, It uses only 1 thread per host to avoid time differences caused by multiple requests at the same time.

TIP: ShellScan can cause some False positives so it is better to retest the possible positives if having an issues.

Output CSV file


  • WARNING : It is set to True if the delay of the request is more than the introduced with the command (sleep 9 == delay more than 9 s)
  • VULNERABLE : It is set to True if Warning is True and the difference between the delays of the normal request and the “shellshock” one is high.
  • ERROR : It is set to True if an exception happens (usually Timeout or an invalid CGI or Host)
  • The other columns are almost self explanatory


Useful stuff

If a 100K lines CSV is a bit Long, you can search quickly for Vulnerable lines with the command: $ grep ‘^[^,],[^,],True’

Or Warning = True lines with: $ grep ‘^[^,],[^,],[^,],[^,],True’



ShellScan allows a malicious attacker to execute a remote commands on a vulnerable target system. 0xICF will not be responsible for any damage that caused by using this tool.

Change log

October 03, 2014 – ShellScan v1.0 Beta

ShellScan is currently not the most portable code but… it works.

Any improvement is always welcome.


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Mailing list





GPL v3

CREDIT: This tool is based on Mario Rivas Vivar’s great work!




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